Introduction to Particles in NUKEX

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Learning how to create amazing particles systems in NUKEX can really help make your work stand out. If you are a digital compositor or a motion designer who want to do step up to the particle FX world, or if you are an FX artist who wants to explore the powerful possibilities that offer particles in NUKE, this course is a great fit. In this course, Introduction to Particles in NUKEX, you are going to discover how to use NUKEX particles, which will open up a new world of creative possibilities. First, you'll learn how to emit particles from a moving 3D geometry, as well as how to control your particles through time using expressions and curves. Next, you'll learn how influence your particles with forces such as turbulences and wind. The last thing you'll learn is how to treat particles as 3D objects, relight them, and use Zdefocus on them, finishing with learning how to composite several particles system together. By the end of this course, you'll be very confident with particles in NUKE and be ready to use them for your own projects. Software required: NUKEX.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Setup of Your First Particle System
    • Emit Particles
    • Render Particles into 2D Space
    • Duplicate and Reuse Your Particle System
    • Create a Smoke Trail with a Noise and Random Seed
  • Expressions, ParticleCurves, and Turbulences
    • Particles Expressions
    • Modify Particles with Curves
    • Particle Turbulences
    • Compositing of Your Several Particles Systems
  • Create a 3D Floating Dust Particle System
    • Create a Floating Dust Particle System
    • Adding Forces: Turbulence and Wind
    • Relight Particles in a 3D Scene
    • Zdefocus on particles
    • Combining Elements
    • Finishing the Shot
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