Introduction to Particles in Houdini

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In this Houdini tutorial we take a look at "Particle Operators", or POPs, as they're called. We'll start off with a discussion of the fundamental concepts behind Houdini's Particle Operators, and the tools of the Particle Shelf, while focusing on efficient workflow within the dynamics context. Next, we build the most basic of setups constructed using only the shelf tools and simple geometry, and then we work our way through complex particle sourcing, particle forces, and setting up sprites. Finally, we'll learn to write our own custom VEX expressions to control various aspects of particle behavior. This Houdini training is intended for an artist with a solid understanding of basic 3D concepts and a general understanding of Houdini's interface and workflow. Software required: Houdini14.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Introduction to Particles in Houdini
    • Getting Started with Particles
    • Using Forces to Shape Your Simulation
    • The Life of a Particle
    • Using the Life Attribute
    • Giving Birth to a Particle
    • Particles in Motion
    • Selective Sourcing
    • Basic Particle Collisions
    • Particle Specific Collisions
    • Working with Sprites
    • Key Parameters of the Pop Sprite Node
    • Using VEX Expressions to Manipulate Sprite Behavior
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