Introduction to Materials in Substance Painter

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Depending on what application you are using, the term materials may mean something completely different. Materials in Substance Painter live at the heart of the texture painting process so mastering them is important to your success in this powerful texture painting application. We'll get started with this Substance Painter tutorial by learning how materials can contribute to multiple texture channels inside our Substance Painter project. From here, we'll explore two different methods of applying a material. First using a paintbrush and a paint layer and a second using a fill layer. Next, we'll learn how to customize materials to our own needs by adjusting their parameters in Substance Painter. Finally, we'll learn how to save our customized materials as well as bring in custom Substance Materials from Substance Designer. After finishing this Substance Painter training, you'll have a great understanding of how materials in Substance Painter can be used to create impressive textures for your own assets. Software required: Substance Painter 1.1.1.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Introduction to Materials in Substance Painter
    • Understanding How Materials Work
    • Painting with Materials
    • Using Materials with Fill Layers
    • Customizing a Material
    • Adding and Saving Materials
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