Introduction to C# in Unity

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In this series of tutorials, we'll discuss the major foundations of scripting with C# in Unity and apply what we've learned into a mini project. To start out, we'll look at the core workflow for creating and executing scripts in the Unity Editor. Then we'll learn about the core fundamentals that are used when scripting in Unity such as creating and manipulating variables, understanding the different types of operators, and how we can create instructions for our game objects using functions. We'll also jump into creating logic with conditional statements, loops, and basic arrays. Finally, we'll take what we've learned and apply it to creating a simple physics based rolling ball game. Software required: Unity 4.3.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Introduction to C# in Unity
    • Creating and Applying Scripts
    • Creating Variables
    • Assignment and Arithmetic Operators
    • Logical and Comparison Operators
    • Using If Statements
    • Using Switch Statements
    • Creating Functions
    • Creating Loops
    • Using Basic Arrays
    • Project: Moving the Ball
    • Project: Setting up the Camera
    • Project: Collecting Coins
    • Project: Creating a Coin Counter GUI
    • Project: Creating the Killbox
    • Project: Setting up the Finish Line
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