Infrastructure Testing with Pester

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Writing a small script, waiting to see if it errors out and then eyeballing the results are common. But are you sure that script you created actually did everything you intended? It's important to understand just because a script doesn't output an error and your manual eyeballing sees no problems doesn't actually mean there isn't one. In this course, Infrastructure Testing with Pester, you'll go from guessing the infrastructure changes that you made to seeing if they did actually change. First, you'll discover how to write the right tests. Next, you'll explore the infrastructure dependencies. Finally, you'll learn how to build a web dashboard. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding on infrastructure testing with Pester.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Testing and Pester
    • Getting the Most from This Course
    • Installing and Using Pester
    • The Test Hierarchy: Testing in Layers
    • Course Scenario
    • Summary
  • Implementing Your First Infrastructure Test with Pester
    • Setting the Stage
    • Testing Infrastructure Changes
    • Testing Infrastructure as Code
    • Summary
  • Validating Infrastructure Changes in Pester
    • Using External Sources of Test Input
    • Building the Test Framework
    • George's Progress: VM Creation
    • Building Tests for VM Creation
    • George's Progress: OS Deployment
    • Building Tests for Automated OS Deployments
    • Summary
  • Working with Dependencies
    • Mapping out Dependencies
    • Dependencies as Prerequisites
    • Building Dependencies on the Fly
    • George's Progress - Domain Controller
    • Building Tests for Active Directory
    • Working with George's Script Dependencies
    • George's Progress - Creating AD Objects
    • Teardown Code
    • Summary
  • Building a Testing Report Dashboard
    • Working with nUnit XML
    • Publishing Pester Results with ReportUnit
    • Summary
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