Improve your Spanish Listening Comprehension

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I don't understand Spanish speakers when they talk... Does that sound like you? It's a problem that many Spanish learners have - to be honest, it's common for students of all languages. Spoken languages is just not the same as written language. Native speakers combine words together, shorten them, change their pronunciation. It's completely natural for the speaker, but how are you as the listener supposed to understand? In this course we explain to you exactly why you can't understand spoken Spanish, how you can improve your listening comprehension, plus the best ways to practice listening. Finally, you'll have plenty of exercises to put your newly-learned listening skills to the test with our podcast episodes. If you are a beginner in Spanish, this course is probably too difficult for you. The podcasts require at least an intermediate level. Who is the target audience? This course is perfect for intermediate, advanced Spanish students This course is too advanced for beginner students. The podcasts require at least an intermediate level of Spanish to be understood.
  • Course Introduction
    • How to be a better listener
    • Music Playlist
    • How to practice your listening skills
    • Extra resources
    • How to take the rest of this course
    • Finding the transcripts
  • Listening exercises
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