Improve Your Health Fast: Try 5 Positive Psychology Tools

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About this course: Over 2,700 very happy students 36 Reviews from VERY satisfied students Full, free lifetime access All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - that's my personal promise of your success! Regular free surprise bonuses to help you change your habits even more! If your goal is to improve your general health this course is for you. We will go over how to start exercising, start meditating, start journaling, become more calm, become happier – all based on the Science of Positive Psychology. This program is based on my bestselling book – Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others change their life for the better in the areas they believe are most necessary. Regardless of what areas of your life need improvement – you can only make that happen by changing your habits. In this course, you will learn: How to establish the exercise habit How to start being more grateful How to become more calm (on demand) How to implement a new habit Take a 30 day challenge to introduce new habit How to make a commitment to new habits and stick to it Habits and Happiness Udemy Program combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. Implementing habitual behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier and more successful, will improve your wellbeing, and will assist you in living the life you've always wanted to live. Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... Enroll NOW to become happier and more successful. ENROLL NOW!
  • Introduction - Basics of Habits
    • Habits and Happiness Book - Endoresments
    • What Are habits?

      In this lecture Braco Pobric, Certified Positive Psychology Coach explains basics about the habits.

    • The Habit Loop

      In this video, your Instructor, Braco Pobric Certified Positive Psychology Coach explains what's called The Habit Loop. Something triggers your habit (you may or may not know what that is), then there is a habit routine, and finally the reward.

    • Identify Major Elements of the Habit Loop
    • Types of Habits

      At the end of this lecture, you will understand the types of habits and will be able to look at some of your habits and understand what triggers you to do what you regularly do, regardless of whether it is something you want to do or not.

  • Let's Make a Commitment
    • My Personal Commitment
    • I am Here to Help
  • The Five Habits
    • Habit Number 1: The Exercise Habit
    • Exercise Habit Action: Develop Your Own Exercise Habit
    • Habit Number 2: The Gratitude Habit
    • Action: The Grattitude Habit
    • Habit Number 3: The Journaling Habit
    • Journaling Habit Action: Develop Your Own Journaling Habit
    • Habit Number 4: The Buying Experience Habit
    • Action: The Buying Experience Habit
    • Habit Number 5: The Five Deep Breath
    • The Five Deep Breath Action
    • The Five Deep Breath: Exercise Directions
  • Challenge
    • 30 Day Challenge
  • Bonus Section
    • THANK YOU - Udemy Review
    • Lifestyle is the New Medicine
    • WGN Chicago Radio Interview
    • The Pursuit of Happiness
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