Illustrator CC Technical Drawing

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Learning how to create technical drawings can be a great addition to your Illustrator tool set. Throughout this course, Illustrator CC Technical Drawing, you'll learn techniques that make technical drawing very easy by using photography, the pen tool, and the shape builder tools. You'll also learn how you can speed things up with the Appearance and Graphic Styles panels. You'll explore best practices for organizing your layers and how to save time by not duplicating effort in the drawing process. Finally, you'll finish up by learning how to translate a grayscale drawing to color and bitmap. This will ensure you know how to get any kind of drawing for any kind of intended media use. By the end of this course, you'll be able to take any photo and break it into manageable sections that can quickly and easily be translated to a technical drawing using the drawing methods learned here. Required Software: Adobe Illustrator.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Organizing and Outlining Your Drawing
    • Introduction to Module One
    • Choosing the Right Picture
    • Creating and Organizing Layers
    • Outlining the Object with the Pen Tool
    • Creating Graphic Styles
    • Outlining Grip Textures
    • Hand and Arm Outlining and Detailing
    • Summary
  • Fast Detailing Techniques
    • Introduction to Module Two
    • Screws and Hole Techniques with the Shape Builder Tool
    • Outline Fixes with the Shape Builder Tool
    • Shadow Detailing
    • Adding Single Shapes for Detailing
    • Exploring Align Panel and Complex Shape Builder Operations
    • Creating Complex Graphic Styles
    • Stroke Detailing with Width Tool
    • Chuck Drawing with Pathfinder Tools
    • Bit Drawing with Shape Builder Tool
    • Summary
  • Color Changes for Publication Needs
    • Introduction to Module Three
    • Upgrading to Color
    • Downgrading to Solid Black and White
    • Summary
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