Hypnosis program for reducing alcohol use - Guided Hypnosis

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Hypnosis program for reducing alcohol use - Guided Hypnosis has been created to simulate a private therapy visit that you can use over and over again in the privacy of your won home You are reading this it is because you have the desire to live a healthier happy life by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. So how are you going to make those changes, by using the hidden power in your subconscious mind with natures gift of hypnosis. I have created and recorded a hypnosis session for this course to program your mind to focus on having a positive attitude to life by programming your mind with positive ideas for your benefit and also suggestions for having less desire to drink alcohol because there is so much joy in your life that you do not want to miss a bit. You may say at this point that you don't have that much joy in your life so how can Hypnosis change that. Hypnosis will help you to change your perspective and allow you to see the joy in every aspect of your life so that you see your life more as living with a glass half full instead of half empty. This course will do much more than just use suggestions while you are in Hypnosis because in the bonus section I will teach you how to use an easy to apply life changing technique EFT and once you have learned how to use EFT I will guide you through 3 EFT sessions. One session is for letting go negative feelings or emotions another session will help you reduce cravings for alcohol and the last session will help you deal with any feelings of anger, this actually the most important EFT session as anger can be a sabotaging emotion and can keep you stuck in life because when you are angry at someone you actually keep them in your life instead of letting go of them so you can move forward with your life leaving them in the past with the past. What I will teach you in this Hypnosis course 1. You will begin by creating an image in your mind of what you want so that you will know where you are going and how your life will change when you are having a happier life. 2. Learn a secret feel good trigger that will help you through any bad times or set backs on your way. 3. learn how your mind and body work together with some fun but important lessons that will improve the results of this hypnotherapy session. 4. Learn how you naturally resist changes even changes that can be very good for you 5. Learn just how powerful words can be and their effect on you physically even if they are only self talk. 6. Learn who can and cannot be hypnotized 7. Reduce Alcohol Intake Hypnosis MP3 9. How to use and apply EFT in the bonus section an amazingly powerful technique that can eliminate any limiting bad feelings and improve your life with a special section on cravings in the FREE Ebook Emotional first aid on tap. EFT Sessions: Negative Emotions Session EFT For No More Cravings Eliminate Anger
  • Have your end result in mind to begin making the changes
    • What you want to get from this course

      To know what you really want to get from any training you must create images inside your mind, this is something you do normally to complete any task even something as simple as going shopping most of this works below conscious awareness. Now I am going to teach you to bring this map of information into conscious awareness so that you can begin to manipulate that map to achieve everything you want from this course

    • But I dont Visualize yes you do

      Everyone visualizes it is that a lot of people are not aware that they do because it is not always in conscious awareness. I am going to teach you that you do visualize and how you can begin to improve your visualization skills

  • Advanced Technique for feeling good any time
    • Feel good anytime

      How would you like to feel good any time you wanted. I am going to teach you how to create a trigger that you can use to make you feel great any time

  • Proof that mind and body communicate
    • Power of your imagination Finger magnets

      Learn in this exercise how what you think in your mind effects your body

    • Power of your imagination Hand magnets

      This second exercise will continue to prove to you that your thoughts effect your body and also feelings

    • Power of your imagination Balloon and book

      Further exercises that will empower you by understanding that changing your thoughts with the power of your own mind and hypnosis will help you have the life you deserve and desire

  • Resistance is what stops you making changes
    • The opposition response

      Learn about the built in mechanism of resistance that stops you consciously making the changes you want in your life. Hypnosis is the key to by passing this resistance to make the changes you want

  • Language has the power to harm or heal
    • The power of words

      Learn with this exercise how powerful the words and thoughts you hold in your mind effect your physical body

  • Your Hypnotherapy sessions
    • You cannot be hypnotised against your will

      All Hypnosis is self hypnosis because you must agree to accept to be hypnotized that is why Hypnosis is called a consent state of mind.

    • Instructions for best results from your Hypnosis session

      Advice for best results from your hypnosis session

    • Reduce alcohol Intake hypnosis session

      Program your mind with Hypnosis to see the brighter side of life and begin to reduce how much alcohol you used to drink but still enjoy having a drink with friends on social occasions

  • Bonus resources
    • Bonus resources MP3 and PDF Downloads are Here

      Download how to apply EFT with a special section for working on negative emotions and also Emotional First aid on tap Ebook with A to Z of EFT protocols for dealing with many of lifes limiting issues

  • Well Done
    • Well done you have completed the course

      Well done you did it before you collect you Certificate of Completion to hang with pride to remind you of all the positive changes you have acquired let me and others have some feedback by writing a review.

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