HTML5 and CSS3 Training

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HTML5, the next major revision of the HTML standard, is for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. HTML5 is not a single entity, it is the combination of elements like fifth revision of HTML, CSS3 and many JavaScript API's. It gives a Multimedia kind of look and feel of the Desktop in Web. HTML 5 gives a wide variety of graphics elements. The apps created using HTML 5 work even when your system is offline.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) consist of a set of formatting rules that we use to control the layout and appearance of the content on a web page. One best feature of CSS is that you can store all the CSS rules in one document and keep that document separate from the HTML content and link the two together. CSS3 offers some new and exciting features to enhance the appearance of the website. CSS3 makes it easier for the designers that will make the visitors go crazy over them to be implemented.

Today, most of the major web browsers are aggressively wanting to support HTML5 and CSS3. Even Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has the reputation of slow in adopting new standard is supporting HTML5 in its IE9. That means, HTML5 is going to be real and big.

  • HTML5-Introduction and Semantic
  • HTML5-Form
  • HTML5-Canvas
  • HTML5-Audio and Video
  • HTML5-Drag and Drop
  • HTML5-Web Storage
  • HTML5-Geo Location
  • HTML5-Application Cache
  • HTML5-Web Worker
  • HTML5-Server Sent Events
  • CSS3-Introduction and Selectors
  • CSS3-Borders
  • CSS3-Backgrounds
  • CSS3-Text Fonts
  • CSS3-Transformation
  • CSS3-Transitions
  • CSS3-Animations
  • CSS3-Multi Column Layout
  • CSS3-Media Queries
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