HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

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When it comes to the world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is always a challenge. In the last year one aspect of this – the world wide web – has kicked up a gear with the introduction of HTML5, the newest version of the code that makes the web tick. If you learn HTML5 along with CSS3 (the next level of web design used on all modern websites), you’ll have a recipe for success; and this course will show you how. Create a website from scratch with HMTL5 and CSS3 Build a complete functioning website section by section Gain a solid knowledge base of HMTL5and CSS3 for future, more complex projects Control your website’s appearance, functionality and navigability Discover how HTML5 and CSS3 can be used in other areas of the web Learn best practice techniques for building websites and web pages Build Like a Pro with HMTL5 and CSS3 Design The only way to effectively learn HTML5 and CSS3 is by diving right in and building websites from the ground up. That’s exactly what this course does. Designed for complete beginners, you’ll create a complete website section by section during 35 lectures and 5 hours of content. You’ll start by becoming familiar with HTML tags and how they’re used, followed by the use of attributes and common settings. Once you’ve got a handle on basic HTML, you’ll move on to the fun stuff: CSS. You’ll use CSS for fonts, colours, lists, navigation menus, and more, adding a new element to your website with each section. Links, layouts, tables, forms and videos are all covered too. If you know how to use a web browser and a text editor, you’re all set up for this course already. No extra software or tools are needed, and you can choose your preferred option of each to get going. By the time you finish, you’ll know everything you need to know to create beautiful, functional, easy to use websites of any kind. About HTML5 and CSS3 HTML5 HTML or Hyper Text Mark-up Language is the language used for presenting websites and web content. HTML5 is the latest version, made official by the World Wide Web Consortium in 2014. Having a good grasp of HTML means you’ll be able to create, present and edit a whole variety of content on the web. CSS3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) essentially ‘enhances’ HTML, giving developers and users more control over how pages and content is displayed. It is responsible for creating more visually engaging web pages, applications and interfaces. CSS3 is the latest version, and has many more extended features than previous versions – although it is backwards compatible.
  • Course Intro
    • Introduction

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  • Basic HTML
    • Page basics
    • Text Basics
    • Text Formatting
    • Lists
    • Image Prep
    • Inserting Images
    • Website Project
  • CSS Basics
    • css basics
    • Font Styles
    • Colors
    • List Styles
    • Advanced Selectors
    • Website Project
  • Links
    • Link Basics
    • In-Page links
    • Link styles
    • Navigation Menus
    • Website Project
  • Layout
    • Block Spacing
    • Arranging the Page
    • Positioning
    • Website Project
  • Tables
    • Tables
    • Table Styles
    • Website Project
  • Forms
    • Form Basics
    • Form Elements
    • HTML5 Form Elements
    • Form Styles
    • Form Website Project
  • Video
    • Video preparation
    • Video HTML
    • Website Project
  • Wrap up
    • Conclusion tips and resources
    • Request a Course
  • Bonus Material
    • Bonus Lecture: Certificate of Completion
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