HTML 5 For Grandmothers - Learn Web Building like knitting

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In this tutorial series we are going to learn HTML. When you visit any websites, you see text, images, buttons and many components. They all added to website by using HTML. Even developers of Facebook, Google - also this website, Udemy - use HTML. So, basically you add components (text, image...) to your website by HTML and you style them by CSS (font color, size, position, image size etc.) During the tutorial series we will consider that you have never tried to make a website and will explain every single step. Just like teaching to a grandmother j. we used lots of animations for them to be visualised in your mind. The only thing what you must do is watching the tutorials and making your own practises at home or a cafe with your imaginations. This course will be a perfect guide for you. Who is the target audience? Newbies This HTML course is for people who has 0 experience, and/or the ones who couldn't logic of HTML if you already have experience, this course is NOT for you because every steps are explained one by one.
  • Preparation
    • A website working flow. HTML, CSS and JQuery work like depatments of a company
    • What we will need during the course. Web browsers and text editors made easy
    • Text editor and a useful shortcut that we will use
  • HTML
    • HTML structure. All those ugly-looking tags have a meaning
    • Obey to the rules of HTML
    • Let's go with some more feautures. HTML will be more familiar to our eyes
    • List and list element
    • How to add an image to your website? A BuzzFeed-like website made easy
    • Media elements. Videos, GIFs, music
    • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos, SounCloud tracks to your website by IFrame
    • Links-1. External links
    • Links-2. Internal links (A breaking news prototype exercise)
    • How to change style of fonts and size of images. A simple exercise
    • Bonus: What to learn next?
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