How to Tolerate CPAP Therapy for your Sleep Apnea

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This course will give you the information you need to solve many of the problems you may have with your CPAP machine and mask. And for the problems you can't solve yourself, it will give you the information you need to better communicate with your doctor, the sleep lab, and the therapist or technologist from the medical equipment supplier. We are going to first talk about sleep apnea because only by understanding what apnea is, and how it does its harm, can you understand what you are trying to accomplish with your therapy, and why. We are also going to discuss some of the alternative therapies for sleep apnea and what factors might make you a candidate for one of them. I will share with you why CPAP is so often the prescribed treatment and why your doctor seems to prefer CPAP over other therapies. Then we will discuss the problems and challenges to living with CPAP, solutions that might work, and other things you can do to help. There are a couple downloads with a glossary and sleep tips we use. Using the Udemy course discussion panel, this course moves my regular CPAP support groups to an online format. However, this course does NOT give medical advice. Only YOUR doctor can give you medical advice. Professional advice requires one-on-one communication with the professional and cannot be provided in a video, a book or other publication. I believe this one-on-one communication should also be face-to-face in the case of medical advice. Please note: Some of my comments related to equipment providers and payment for equipment are specific for the United States' medical provider system.
  • Introduction and Overview
    • Introduction
  • A Little About Sleep Apnea
    • What is Sleep Apnea
    • What kind of apnea do you have ?
    • Central Apnea
    • Obstructive Apnea
    • Mixed Apnea
    • Some other terms related to your apnea
    • What are the Health Effects of Sleep Apnea?
    • Who should be tested for sleep apnea?
  • Treatments for sleep apnea
    • Common Alternative Therapies
    • Less Common Alternatives
    • Why CPAP works so well.
    • Additional recommendations
  • Let's Talk about PAP Therapy
    • The types of PAP machines
    • Auto-adjusting PAP
    • Masks
    • Some Nasal Masks
    • Some Other Masks
  • The Downside of PAP
    • Reasons PAP might not be recommended for you.
    • Common problems associated with PAP usage.
    • Challenges mostly related to the Pressure
    • Challenges mostly related to the mask.
    • Extra credit: Desensitizing to the mask
    • Challenges related to Humidity
    • Other Challenges
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Apnea and CPAP
    • Overview of FAQs
    • Questions about living with CPAP
    • Questions about Apnea
    • Questions about CPAP
  • Other things you can do
    • Lifestyle factors
  • Conclusion
    • Summary
    • BONUS: other programs
    • A Footnote and Disclaimer.
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