How To Set Up a WordPress Ecommerce Website with WooCommerce

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Welcome to my new course on creating your own demo e-commerce website using WordPress in just 30 minutes. This course is not for WordPress experts or even the intermediates. This courses is designed for absolute beginners, who haven't even started creating a website using WordPress or those who struggles to start with website building at all. You’ll need a domain and a hosting to follow this course. If you don’t have one, then there’s no meaning in taking this course now. This is a quick and fast course with no fluff. In a demo e-commerce website, you'll be adding dummy products that you don't have in hand, to sell online. Also, this course doesn't cover how to setup payment gateways like PayPal or stripe. Then what's the benefit of a demo website? 1.      Here you'll learn to setup an e-commerce website, quick and easy, that looks decent. 2.      You'll learn to setup a basic website using WordPress, without a single line of coding. 3.      Then you'll learn to convert that basic website to an e-commerce website using a plug-in called WooCommerce. 4.      You'll also learn to install an e-commerce WordPress theme and add e-commerce related sidebar widgets. So, in short if you've thought that e-commerce web building is tough, for those who don't know programming or coding, I'm here to prove you wrong and help you build your first e-commerce website in just 30 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Take this course now. See you soon. Who is the target audience? Brick & Mortar store owners looking to design their own online ecommerce store Entrepreneurs, Traders, Retailers, Business owners Beginners in web development looking to build an eCommerce website using WordPress
  • Introduction to the Demo ECommerce WordPress Course
    • Introduction: Build Demo eCommerce Website using WordPress
  • Create Demo ECommerce WordPress Website
    • This is the E-Commerce Website that you're going to build
    • Creating a demo sub-domain in CPanel
    • Install WordPress website using Softaculous in CPanel
    • Login into WordPress Dashboard
    • Install WordPress Importer Plugin
    • Install & Configure WooCommerce Plugin
    • Import Demo Products into ECommerce WordPress website
    • Install StoreFront: ECommerce WordPress Theme
    • Some final tweaks to our Demo ECommerce Website
    • Add WooCommerce Sidebar widgets to Demo ECommerce website
  • Bonus
    • Extend your skills to build a real-time E-Commerce Website now
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