How to perform Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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This course should aid an ENT resident or attending to understand the steps involved in performing functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). The course includes a video showing real surgery, and then the steps are spelled out for the learner. The basic techniques are then expanded to 1) more advanced FESS options, and 2) logical extensions of ESS (endoscopic sinus surgery) to structures adjacent to the nose and sinuses. The course is laid out from more basic to more complex. Video and narrated powerpoint slides/images are used to convey the information. Quiz questions at the end will emphasize some of the finer points of endoscopic sinus surgery. A learner should take this course if they wish to expand or strengthen their knowledge of sinus surgery.
  • Introduction to course
    • Udemy overview

      just some routine information about navigating Udemy, and several disclaimers as well

  • FESS video lecture
    • FESS video

      A video depicting routine left sinus surgery

  • Step by Step FESS
    • Steps in FESS

      A narrated slide show explaining the steps of routine FESS from maxillary, to anterior ethmoid, to posterior ethmoid, to sphenoid sinus.

  • Individualized FESS techniques
    • Individualized FESS techniques

      Beyond the basic FESS techniques, to address certain anatomical needs

  • Turbinate reduction
    • Turbinate reduction with endoscopic assistance

      Turbinates can be reduced while using an endoscope for visualization. The middle turbinate is often addressed for a concha bullosa, while the inferior turbinate can be addressed for obstructive symptoms.

    • Microdebrider turbinate video

      This video depicts an endoscopic approach to reduce the left inferior turbinate submucosally via a microdebrider blade specially designed for this technique.

    • Left IT radiofrequency reduction and outfracture

      This video depicts the process of using an Elman radiofrequency unit to perform submucosal reduction to the left inferior turbinate, and then outfracture the turbinate to address the bone.

  • Extensions of FESS
    • Extensions of FESS

      Endoscopic sinus surgery techniques can be extended to adjacent stuctures within the head

  • FESS resources
    • FESS resources
    • FESS Quiz
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