How to Install WordPress From Scratch

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WordPress is famous for its “5 minute” install; but that claim ultimately depends on where your website is hosted. Some website hosting plans take care of the preliminary tasks for you – like installing PHP and setting up the MySQL database – but many do not. Installing WordPress from Scratch assumes nothing. This course walks you through every step necessary to install WordPress no matter where your new WordPress website is hosted. Author and new media expert Deltina Hay walks you through the ten steps necessary to install WordPress properly and securely – allowing you to skip the steps that do not apply to your install: Check that your hosting service meets the proper requirements Install PHP and MySQL Install PHPMyAdmin (optional) Create the database and database admin required for WordPress Download and unzip the WordPress software from Populate the WordPress configuration file with your information Establish FTP access to your website server Upload the WordPress files to your server Access the WordPress installation file from your browser Work out any issues and enjoy! This course is a prequel to Deltina's comprehensive WordPress Fundamentals course to be released soon. Be on the lookout for coupon codes! Who is the target audience? Beginning WordPress users Beginning Web Developers Anyone who wants to use WordPress to power their website
  • Introduction
    • Introduction and Step One: Meeting WordPress Minimum Requirements

      This lesson provides an introduction, and shows you how to determine whether you host meets the minimum requirement for installing WordPress.

  • Preliminary Tasks
    • Installing PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin

      This lesson walks you through steps two and three: how to install the software necessary to run WordPress on your website host's server. These include installing PHP and MySQL, as well as the optional phpMyAdmin interface.

    • Creating Your WordPress Database

      This lesson – covering step four – shows you how to create the database and database admin user you need to have in place in order to install WordPress.

  • Getting WordPress to Your Website
    • Downloading and Configuring WordPress

      This lesson walks you through steps five and six: downloading the WordPress software and populating the WordPress configuration file with your database information.

    • Uploading WordPress to Your Website

      This lesson covers steps seven and eight: Establishing FTP access to your website server and uploading the WordPress files to your server. The lesson includes and overview of how to set up FireFTP for the Firefox browser.

  • Installing and Troubleshooting
    • Conclusion: Installing WordPress and Troubleshooting Issues

      This lesson walks you through steps nine and ten: how to access the WordPress installation file so you can finally install WordPress and troubleshooting some common installation issues.

  • Resources
    • Resources for the Course

      Resources cited in the course as well as handy resources to have on hand.

    • WordPress Installation Checklist

      A checklist to use for your install.

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