How to buy NFT on Opensea without paying Gas Fees

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This NFT training will teach you buying and selling of NFTs professionally.


  1. You will learn to:

  2. Create a wallet

  3. Setup and connect your wallet

  4. Transfer polygon/matic coins to your wallet

  5. Swap your coins into wrapped ethereum

  6. Connecting wallet with the opensea

  7. Exploring different NFTs available to purchase

  8. Finding the best NFTs to buy

  9. SECRET filter to find best NFTs that's going to increase in Value

  10. Buy the NFT

  11. Checking the NFT in your collection

  12. Checking the offers for your NFT

  13. Listing your NFT to sell

  14. Creating your own NFT listing

  15. Buy Professionally to increase your portfolio

  16. Place offers to bid other NFTs

No sub-Tutorials exists in this Tutorial.
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