How To Build And Make A Wordpress Website From Scratch 2017

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Hi Dear Student, Thank you for your consideration of taking this how to make a wordpress website course. Today, there are many reasons to make your own website. whether you want to build it for yourself or you are a beginner web developer who would like to build websites for others, you came to the right course. This course will teach you from the bottom, everything you will need to know about the Wordpress platform, the Elementor page builder plugin and everything in between. After completing this course you will have a wide understanding and advanced knowledge regarding building and creating websites in general and Wordpress specifically. People often assume that building a Wordpress website is a hard work and complicated. The truth is, that it used to be that way but not anymore. This course will teach you all the fundamentals of creating successful responsive wordpress website very easily without any coding! Yes, it is possible! It is all drag & drop page builder, and it cannot be more easy than what I will show you. THIS IS THE ONLY COURSE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO USE ANY THEME THAT YOU WOULD LIKE!!! YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO USE A SPECIFIC THEME. Iv'e created this course with attention to the smallest details, I covered many elements as possible and didn't leave behind any Wordpress features. I took into consideration that beginner students are going to watch this course and Iv'e created it informative as possible. I have no doubt that this course is the right one for you. That is the first and significant step toward better future with your new website. This course is for you if you: 1. Would like to create a website for your business, brand, services, store and etc. 2. Would like to save thousands of dollars. 3. If you are willing to learn new information. 4. Would like to stay updated with the newest designs and features. What will you learn from this course: 1. Setting up domain and hosting. 2. Master the Wordpress platform. 3. Start your own blog. 4. Many ways to design your website. 5. Master the Elementor page builder. 6. Install themes, plugins and widgets. 7. Create a child theme. 8. Create pages and blog posts. 9. Design header slider. 10. Create a logo for your brand. 11. Design the footer. 12. Call to action buttons. And Much more. THIS IS THE ONLY COURSE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO USE ANY THEME THAT YOU WOULD LIKE!!! YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO USE A SPECIFIC THEME. I am a Hostgator affiliated and will earn a small commission whenever you use one of my codes. This helping me to create awesome courses for free and help me to keep my site up and running. Who is the target audience? Anyone who would like to have a website. Business, Services, Art gallery, Entrepreneur And etc.
  • Introduction
    • Introduction And Walkthrough

      In this lecture we will go through this Wordpress website really quick. I will show and demonstrate what kind of a website we will make and build.

  • Start Here
    • Domain name and hosting
    • Domain And Hosting

      In this lecture I will briefly explain to your about domain names and hosting company providers, and I will recommend you to use my favorite hosting company.

    • Install Wordpress

      In this lecture I will show you step by step how to install the Wordpress CMS platform on your website.

    • Menu Walkthrough

      In this lecture we will go through the Wordpress menus on the top and on the left side.

    • Install A Theme

      In this lecture I will show you how to install Wordpress themes and which theme you should install.

    • Plugins

      What are plugins and why do we need them. I will also show you how to install the Wordpress plugins that we need for this course.

    • How To Update Plugins And Themes

      Very often you will need to perform an update for your plugins and themes. This lecture will show you how to do it.

    • Create A Child Theme

      In order to customize and design your Wordpress site without losing the changes when you updating the theme, you will need to create a child theme. This lecture will show you how to create a child theme in the most easiest way.

    • Create Pages and Blog Posts

      In this lecture I will show you how to create pages and blog posts. How to set a category and feature image for your blog posts and how to change the template for your pages.

    • Permalinks And Settings

      Out of the box, the Wordpress links are messy and complicated, this lecture will show you how to fix it and also how to add www to your link (only if you want).

  • Customization And Settings
    • Customization Part 1: Customize Header and Create an Icon

      We will start working on customizing the website, and this lecture will show you how to customize the website's header, slider and also how to create an icon for your business.

    • Customization Part 2

      Here we will customize the rest of the stuff like menus, colors, blog options, custom css and etc.

    • Custom CSS
  • Home Page
    • About Us Section

      Here we will start to build the website. The first section that we will create will be the about us section. We will display 3 staff members with their images, names and short description about them.

    • Gallery Section

      With this section you will be able to display your art work (if you are an artist), your recent work or your recent projects. I used it to display all of the camp locations and you can do the same.

    • Testimonials Section

      Every successful website need to show positive testimonials, this section will do that exactly. Here we will display 2 testimonials with amazing background image.

    • Bullet Points Section

      This bullet points section is a must in every website. Here we will show what are your benefits over your competitions and why your business is the best in the industry.

    • Footer

      We will use the footer to display four widgets and that way we will make the footer very informative. Because the footer appears on every page, informative footer is a must to supply many details as possible.

  • About Us Page
    • About Us Page

      In the about us page you will be able to add all of the staff members, your philosophy, your location and your business point of view.

  • Contact Us Page
    • Contact Us Page

      In the contact us page we will display our location with google map and also a contact form so users and visitors will be able to contact you.

  • Blog Page
    • Single Post Page

      In this single post page I will show you how to add or remover widgets, how to remove the sidebar and hide the meta description.

  • Conclusion
    • Outro
    • Written Manual
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