How To Become An Expert YouTube User

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Do you want to be able to find any kind of video on YouTube? Would you like to know all the available options to enjoy the videos that are on YouTube as an expert? In this course you will learn how to use all the options to watch videos that YouTube has. Take into account that basically in YouTube there are two types of users, content creators and the people who only use it to watch videos for any reason. Then with the knowledge of this course, you will learn how to take advantage of all the YouTube features for people that just watch videos. I'm sure you have the feeling that with YouTube you can do more than just watching videos of cats playing piano, and you're right, YouTube is the world's largest entertainment and audiovisual education platform and you have to know how to take advantage of it. This is what you are going to learn with this course: You will know all the options that are on the YouTube site and also in the App. You'll learn how to use all the options to manage videos. You'll be able to perform basic and advanced searches to find any type of content on YouTube. You'll learn some external websites to find the best videos and channels on YouTube. You'll know how to set up the settings on YouTube, so you can enjoy even more the way you use it. This is the knowledge that might take you years to learn with normal use of YouTube, but here you can do it in a incredibly small fraction of time. Now press the button to Enroll Now and I'll see you inside the course.
  • Introduction to YouTube
    • Introduction
    • Why master YouTube

      These are the reasons to learn the best tricks of YouTube.

    • Getting to Know the YouTube Interface

      Let's meet the YouTube interface to familiarize with the basic concepts.

    • YouTube on the mobile device

      Using the YouTube app in the smartphone.

    • English - Google user account
  • YouTube Content
    • YouTube Channels

      An introduction to the YouTube channels and the way they are structured.

    • Playlists

      How to use and get the most out from YouTube playlists.

    • Everything about the video player

      All the hidden secrets of the YouTube video player.

    • Sharing videos

      Learn how to share the videos with your friends in the PC and the smartphone.

    • Interaction with other users

      Finding and interacting with interesting people through YouTube.

    • Keyboard Shortcuts

      Use the keyboard shortcuts in your PC to enjoy even more the videos while you watch them.

    • TV Mode

      A completely different and interesting way to watch the videos on YouTube.

    • 3D y 360º videos

      Learn about the super interesting videos with 3D and 360º effects on Youtube.

  • Finding Videos
    • Basic Searching

      Learn how to find the interesting videos on YouTube in a very quick way with some really nice tricks.

    • Advanced searching

      Become an expert finding the best videos on YouTube.

    • SocialBlade

      Learn how to use one of the best resources to get statistical and advanced information about any channel on YouTube.

    • VidStatsX

      Another incredible tool to check YouTube statistics, very similar to socialblade.

  • Advanced Options
    • Advanced Settings

      Learn how to personalize your YouTube account to be as you like it.

    • Using more than one browser and subscriptions

      Learn how to manage your subscriptions on YouTube and also the advantage of using more than one browser.

  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion

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