How Git Works

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This course is for developers and system administrators who want to really understand Git. Whether you just started using Git, or you've been using it every day for months - this course will give you the knowledge you need to become a Git master.

  • Git Is Not What You Think
    • Introduction
    • Git Is an Onion
    • Meet SHA1
    • Storing Things
    • First Commit!
    • Versioning Made Easy
    • One More Thing: Annotated Tags
    • What Git Really Is
  • Branches Demystified
    • Introduction
    • What Branches Really Are
    • The Mechanics of the Current Branch
    • Let's Merge!
    • Time Travel for Developers
    • Merging Without Merging
    • Losing Your HEAD
    • Objects and References
  • Rebasing Made Simple
    • Introduction
    • What a Rebase Looks Like
    • An Illusion of Movement
    • Taking out the Garbage
    • The Trade-offs of Merges
    • The Trade-offs of Rebases
    • Tags in Brief
    • A Version Control System
  • Distributed Version Control
    • Introduction
    • A World of Peers
    • Local and Remote
    • The Joy of Pushing
    • The Chore of Pulling
    • Rebase Revisited
    • Getting Social
    • The Whole Onion
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