Getting Started with Docker Datacenter

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Developers love Docker for its simple approach to packaging, distributing, and running applications. The open source Docker ecosystem provides a lot of tools, but before you put container workloads in production you'll want enterprise-grade security, management, and support. Docker Datacenter provides that for multi-node installations of Docker on-premises and in virtual private clouds. In this course, Getting Started with Docker Datacenter, you'll learn about all of the features of Docker Datacenter. First, you'll discover how to digitally sign images. Next, you'll explore how to run and scale container workloads. Then, you'll learn how to use role-based access control to secure Docker components. Finally, you'll cover how to set up Docker Datacenter as a highly available cluster. By the end of this course, you'll be able to run your own trial of Docker Datacenter.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Understanding Docker Datacenter
    • Introducing Docker Datacenter
    • Enterprise Problems Solved by DDC
    • A Tour of Universal Control Plane
    • Explaining Docker Image Registries
    • A Tour of Docker Trusted Registry
    • Options for Evaluating DDC
    • Installing DDC: CS Engine and UCP
    • Installing DDC: Adding Nodes and DTR
    • DDC Installation Steps
    • Module Summary
  • Managing Images with Docker Trusted Registry
    • Introducing Docker Trusted Registry
    • Running Your Own Docker Registry
    • Configuring DTR for High Availability
    • Pulling and Pushing DTR Images
    • Running DTR Images as Services in UCP
    • Organizations and Teams in DTR
    • Creating and Securing Organization Repositories
    • Explaining Docker Content Trust
    • Configuring Notary for a DTR Repository
    • Signing and Running Images with Content Trust
    • Module Summary
  • Administering Docker with Universal Control Plane
    • Introducing Universal Control Plane
    • Configuring UCP for High Availability
    • Docker Services in Swarm Mode
    • Running and Scaling Services in UCP
    • UCP Applications and Docker Compose
    • Running a Distributed Solution as a UCP Application
    • Node Maintenance with UCP
    • Draining a UCP Node and Leaving the Swarm
    • Module Summary
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