Get started playing blues harmonica

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This course shows you the basic principles you will need in order to start playing blues harmonica. It is designed for the absolute beginner who may or may not already own a harmonica. Most importantly you have the desire to play but are not entirely sure how to go about it. Maybe, you have already bought a harmonica and assumed it was super simple to play but then quickly discovered that those soaring blues licks sound a little weird or muddy when you try to do them. That's why I am here. To explain the basic fundamentals which you need in order to do anything and progress on the instrument. You will learn; - what kind of harmonica you need (harmonica in C) - how to hold it - how to read harmonica music - how to play clean notes and some simple melodies - how to play chords and keep time - what a 12 bar blues is and how to start improvising over one! I approach teaching this course assuming that you do not know any technical jargon yet so will share some with you if and when it is appropriate. You also do not need to know how to read music or already play another instrument. You will be provided with; - harmonica tablature (this is how harmonica music is written down) - audio examples for you to practice along to - explanation videos How long will it take? If you sat down and played the course through in one sitting it would not take very long but that is not really the point. I really recommend that you spend around a month working on the various aspects of the instrument that I have shown you so that they become a strong foundation for you to build on. Things like playing clean notes consistently take a little while to become completely ingrained in your muscle memory. So, to start with I am expecting practice - little and often. If, during the course you are having difficulties with anything, just give me a shout! Who is the target audience? This harmonica course is for people who have never picked one up before
  • First steps on harmonica 5
    • Introduction to the course
    • What kind of harmonica do you need to buy?
    • How to the hold the harmonica
    • How to play your first clean note
    • Some tips if you are still struggling with clean notes
  • First notes on harmonica 8
    • First notes on harmonica (sheet music)
    • How to read harmonica tab and play the C major scale
    • "C major scale" audio play along
    • Your first tune - "Taps"
    • "Taps" audio play along
    • Your first bluesy riff - "Manish boy"
    • "Manish Boy" audio play along
    • How to keep time and play chords on the harmonica
  • Your first 12 Bar Blues 8
    • What is a 12 bar blues?
    • Listening to the chord changes in a 12 bar blues
    • 12 Bar Blues Sheet Music
    • How to play a 12 bar blues on harmonica
    • "How to play a 12 bar blues on harmonica" audio play along
    • Tomlin improvising over a 12 bar blues using root notes
    • What is improvisation and how to start doing it
    • "12 bar blues backing track" audio play along
  • Final thoughts and conclusion
    • Conclusion
    • Where to go next...
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