Game Prop Modeling Fundamentals

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Props are the various object players will inevitably interact with in games, from small cans and papers, to show stopping "hero props" like dynamic machines and traps or devices. These things add life and energy to game worlds and help provide context. In this course, Game Prop Modeling Fundamentals, you will first learn how to model a detailed high polygon prop inside 3ds Max and Zbrush. Next, you'll try your hand at designing unknown elements of a prop without guidance. Finally, you'll learn to work within the expected game constraints to save time and increase quality. When you're finished with this course, you'll understand what goes into creating a high poly game prop and be able to do it yourself. Software require: 3ds Max 2017, ZBrush.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Blocking In
    • Basic Primitives
    • Basic Structure
    • Detailed Block In
    • Details on the Top
  • Designing the Unknown
    • Building the Hinge
    • Building the Inside
    • Refining the Inside
    • Refining the Legs
    • Smoothing out Details
  • Preparing for Zbrush
    • Exporting with Different Methods
    • Making Mesh Work Inside Zbrush
    • Dynameshing and Filling Holes
    • Cleaning up the Back and Legs
    • Remaking the Hinge in Zbrush
    • Custom Menus, Brushes, and Hotkeys
  • Sculpting Fundamentals
    • Basic Stone Sculpting
    • Adding Large Details to Stone
    • Sculpting the Inside
    • Sculpting the Top
    • Sculpting the Metal Border
    • Sculpting the Legs
  • Sculpting Details
    • Adding Detailed Cracks
    • Adding Structure Details
    • Making a Gold Coin
    • Making a Coin Pile with Nano Mesh
    • Detailing the Interior and Hinge
    • Sculpting the Central Diamond
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