Game Environment Texturing Fundamentals

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Creating textures for games can sometimes be a very involved and confusing process. In this course, Game Environment Texturing Fundamentals you will be texturing a game environment that consists of different materials. First, you will create low polygon meshes to be used as the base of your work. Next, you will UV and bake maps on to those meshes to lay the ground work for texturing. Finally, you will create your own stylized textures in Photoshop. When you're finished with this texturing course, you'll not only be able to texture the game environment at hand, but also have sufficient skills to texture different materials and environments in the future. Software required: 3DS Max, zBrush, Photoshop, xNormal Optional: Topogun.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Retopology Fundamentals
    • Optimizing High Polygon Mesh in zBrush
    • Creating Low polygon Mesh Using 3ds Max
    • Creating Low Polygon Mesh Using Topgun
    • Cleaning up the Mesh Using 3ds Max
    • Creating Low Polygon Mesh zBrush
  • UV Creation Fundamentals
    • Creating UVs Using 3ds Max
    • Creating UV Maps Using Zbrush
    • Cleaning up UV Maps Using 3DS max
    • Preparing the Mesh for Symmetrical Baking
  • Detail Baking Fundamentals
    • Preparing the Mesh in 3ds Max
    • Setting up xNormal
    • Creating a Cage and Baking in xNormal
  • Rock Texturing Fundamentals
    • Creating Actions in Photoshop, Setting up Marmoset
    • Basic Albedo Rock Painting in Photoshop
    • Adding Details to Rock Albedo Texture
    • Finalizing the Albedo Texture for the Rock
    • Creating the Roughness Map in Photoshop
    • Adding Details to the Normal Map in Photoshop
    • Creating Specular Texture in Photoshop
  • Metal Texturing Fundamentals
    • Creating Albedo Texture for the Metal
    • Creating Normal Map for the Metal
    • Creating Metalness Map for the Metal
    • Creating Roughness Map for the Metal and Polishing textures
  • Cloth Texturing Fundamentals
    • Creating Alpha Mask for Cloth
    • Creating Albedo Texture for Cloth
    • Creating a Detailed Normal Map
    • Creating a Roughness Map for Cloth
    • Scene Overview and Final Remarks
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