Fundamentals of Video Production in Adobe Prelude and Premiere Pro

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Nothing tells a story better than a well crafted digital video. In this course, Fundamentals of Video Production in Adobe Prelude and Premiere Pro, you will learn how to create a compelling and effective video production while simultaneously avoiding many of the common traps most newbie video editors fall into. First, you will learn how to properly import video content like a professional by starting in Adobe Prelude; one of the most under-used softwares in the Creative Cloud platform. Next, you will leverage the power of Prelude's Logging feature to add sub-clips and comments throughout your video footage and build a rough cut using logged metadata. Finally, you will learn how to take a rough cut from Prelude into Adobe Premiere Pro. From there, you will further edit this composition using advanced video cutting techniques that well trained editors know how to implement. When you are finished with this video production course, you'll not only know how to build incredibly effective video content from the start, but also how to work in collaboration with fellow editors using the Adobe Creative Cloud platform for visual storytelling. Software required: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 or later, Adobe Prelude 2015 or later.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • The Art of Video Ingestion in Adobe Prelude
    • Introduction
    • Optimal Settings for the Best Results in Prelude
    • Exploring the Project Assets
    • Selective Importing into Prelude Using In and Out Points
    • Choosing the Best Transfer and Transcoding Options
    • Archiving Tips that will Save Your Life
    • How to Add and Manipulate Metadata for Clip Ingestion
    • Automating the File Renaming Structure for Ingestion
    • Checking the Ingestion Footage Process in Prelude
    • How to Ingest RED R3D Footage into Adobe Prelude
  • Smart Video Logging in Prelude
    • Using Markers and Subclips to Log Footage
    • Working with Subclips for Better Interview Video Logging
    • Creating Bins for Subclips
    • Using List View and Adding Interviews in Sub-bins
    • Video Logging Workflow Review in Prelude
  • Rough Cutting in Prelude and Sending to Premiere Pro
    • Creating a Rough Cut in Adobe Prelude
    • Softening Harsh Cuts Using Cross Dissolve Transitions
    • Sending a Rough Cut from Prelude to Premiere Pro
  • Editing and Rendering in Premiere Pro
    • How to Sync Audio with Separately Recorded Video in Premiere
    • Using Markers in Synced Interview Segments for Better Visual Stories
    • Strategic Cutaway Placement When Editing Cover Jump Cuts
    • Understanding Transition Bleeds and How to Avoid Them
    • Leveraging Metadata and the Power of Search in Premiere
    • Rendering out Low Resolution File for Client Review
    • Replacing Proxy Files for Exporting HD Delivery Files
    • Review for Your Future Productions
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