Female Oncofertility: Advocate Your Patients Fertile Future

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Female Oncofertility: Advocating for Your Patient's Fertile Future trains oncology professionals on the complex nature of fertility risk, fertility preservation and parenthood options, as well as, experimental treatments. Using short video lectures with interviews of national experts, documentary style story-telling and supplemental materials, participants will walk away a passionate and knowledgeable oncofertility patient advocate or navigator - improving their patient's quality of life.
  • Gravity of Cancer Treatment
    • Gravity of Cancer
    • Gravity of Cancer Quiz

      Test your knowledge of the gravity of cancer.

  • Introduction to Fertility Preservation
    • Female Oncofertility
    • Introduction to Fertility Preservation Quiz

      Test your knowledge about Female Oncofertility

  • Egg Harvesting
    • What To Expect During Ovarian Stimulation
    • What to Expect During Ovarian Stimulation Quiz
    • Medications
    • Medications Used for Ovarian Stimulation
    • Egg Retrieval
    • Egg Retrieval Quiz
    • Risks
    • Egg Harvesting Risks Quiz
  • Ovarian Tissue Freezing
    • Ovarian Tissue Freezing
    • Ovarian Tissue Freezing
  • Fertility Protection
    • Fertility Protection
    • Fertility Protection Quiz
  • Path to Parenthood
    • Surrogacy with FET
    • A Surrogacy Story
    • Surrogacy Quiz
    • Using a Sperm Donor
    • Using a Sperm Donor Quiz
    • In California Cryobank's Own Words
  • Patient Navigation
    • Patient Navigation
  • Appendix
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