Excel 2016: Introduction to Formulas and Functions

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Starting to build a spreadsheet from a blank worksheet is less intimidating if you are familiar with functions and how to create formulas in Excel. This course covers creating formulas, managing named ranges and tables, importing, exporting, validating data, and more. Learn how to maintain the integrity of your original data, audit your formulas for correctness, and adjust values to be able to calculate how to reach outcome goals.

Topics include:

  • Using operators
  • Use cell references in formulas
  • Formulas: SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, MEDIAN, and MODE
  • Counting cells
  • Summarizing cells conditionally
  • Rounding cell values up and down
  • Working with list data
  • Finding data using VLOOKUP formulas
  • Connecting to an external data source
  • Cleaning up imported data
  • Validating data using rules
  • Tracing precedents and dependents
  • Identifying errors
  • Finding target values using Goal Seek
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