English pronunciation

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Have you worked hard to learn the English language? Are you frustrated that people sometimes have trouble understanding you when you speak? Would you like to feel more confident speaking English? In this course, you will learn to how to pronounce the consonant and vowel sounds of English like a native English speaker. You will also learn helpful tips about emphasis patterns in words, which can have a significant impact on your accent. Finally, you will be given concrete ideas for how to apply your new knowledge; how to find practice partners (in person or online) and how to create simple daily habits to solidify what you’ve learned. This course will take you less than 2 hours to complete, but it is recommended that you break it up into sections and practice the material from each section a few times before moving to the next section to receive the full benefits of what is taught in this course. Are you ready to improve your English pronunciation so that you can communicate clearly and effectively at work, at school and in your relationships? Important note: "I created this course with a special focus on Spanish native speakers because: 1) I speak this language and have a deep understanding of the challenges Hispanophones face when learning the sounds and sound patterns of English, and 2) As a therapist, I believe that learning should be individualized for each student, and so I wanted to make the course more targeted by focusing on Spanish speakers. If you speak another language as your first language and are not sure if this course could be helpful to you, please send me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions and direct to you to parts of the course that would be of most interest to you." Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation and confidence Special focus on Spanish native speakers
  • Why take this course?
    • Why take this course?
    • Who am I?
    • Chapters overview
  • Evidence
    • Second-language learning: what infant studies teach us
    • Language proficiency study in adults
  • Practice Tips
    • American accent resource
    • Start small and build up!
    • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  • Consonants
    • S-Blends
    • TH sounds (voiced and unvoiced)
    • SH vs. CH
    • J vs. Y: Sofia Vergara example
    • J vs. Y continued
    • B vs. V
    • R sound
    • H sound
    • Consonant clusters
  • Vowels
    • Spanish vs. English vowels
    • / ɪ / and / i /
    • / ɛ / and / e /
    • / ʌ /, / ʊ / and / u /
    • / æ /, / ɑ / and / a /
    • Diphthongs
  • Emphasis
    • Syllable stress: 'Ice cream' vs. 'I scream!'
    • Rules for stress
  • Apply your knowledge: the real world
    • Find a practice partner!
    • Create daily rituals for practice
  • Wrap-up
    • Vocabulary and grammar resources
    • Closing quotes and PDF version of the course
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