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Emotional eating is a relatively common problem for both men and women. If you eat in response to your feelings, especially when you are not hungry, you are an emotional eater. Emotional eating means your emotions -- not your body -- dictate when and/or how much you eat. Some emotional eaters binge when they are sad or confused; for others, eating can be a way of avoiding thinking about problems or taking the action required to solve them. If we'd eat for comfort by reaching into our crisper drawer, we'd be OK. Are You an Emotional Eater? You are an emotional eaters if you answer yes to any of the following questions: Do you often eat without realizing it? Do you ever feel guilty or ashamed after eating? Do you eat alone or at odd locations, such as parked in your car outside your home? After an unpleasant experience, like a heated argument, do you just go eat? Do you crave specific foods when you're upset, such as always wanting a chocolate bar when you feel mad? Do you feel the urge to eat when you watch food being advertised on TV? Do you eat when you are tired or bored? Does chewing on something make you feel better when you're down? In this course, you will learn how to handle the daily emotionally stresses most people experience that leads them to overeat. Emotional Freedom Techniques, or E.F.T., is an effective tool that can bring successful results for physical, emotional, and health problems. If your fitness or general health needs improvement, there are unresolved emotional issues that need resolving before you can see improvements.

  • Introduction
    • Disclaimer

      Joan gives her disclaimer about using EFT.

    • Introduction to EFT and Weight Loss

      Joan shares what you can expect from this course. This lecture is very important! Please watch it before proceeding.

    • Secrets to Success

      Be curious! What would happen if you tried some of the ideas and concepts Joan shares (and they worked!).

    • What is EFT?

      Emotional Freedom Techniques and how it works.

    • Who is Joan Kaylor, MSEd., LPC, DCEP?

      Joan shares her story of how she felt pulling her hair when she was young, and how she eventually stopped.

  • The EFT Process
    • Tapping Points

      Where are the tapping points?

    • The Steps

      Joan shares what the six steps are for a tapping session.

    • Brain Balance
    • EFT Tapping Foundation

      This PDF shows you the basic EFT Process.

    • Testing

      Testing helps you to see how you are progressing.

  • EFT For Eating
    • Introduction

      Why we eat what we eat.

    • EFT Session for Emotional Eating

      Do you eat when you are upset?

    • More EFT on Emotional Eating & Stress

      Emotional eating is so important, Joan goes over a second EFT session on Emotional Eating

    • EFT Session For Shame

      Are you ashamed of how your body looks? Are you ashamed of the choices you are making? That doesn't help you achieve your ideal goal weight.

    • EFT Session For Over-Eating

      This lecture and EFT Session covers how to let go of the emotional charges that lead you to over-eat.

    • EFT Session For Self-Sabotage

      Have you ever started something and seen results start to happen, then stop? That is your self-sabotaging behaviors kicking in. This is a lecture you will want to return to over and over.

    • EFT Session for Comfort Food

      Do you have foods you turn to whenever stress increases in your life? Usually, those foods are not helping you be at your ideal healthy body weight. In this lecture, Joan helps you deal with these destructive feelings and impulses.

    • Setting Boundaries by saying "No"

      Setting boundaries with yourself and others is the BEST way to reduce stress that leads to overeating addictive eating. In this lecture you will learn how to say "No" or "No Thank you" and be free of guilt.

    • EFT For Feeling Deprived

      You enjoy food. You like eating. You resist moving towards your ideal body weight because you think it means depriving yourself of the joy of food.

    • EFT for How to Release Cravings

      Cravings are one of the hardest part of weight loss. In this lecture, Joan tackles cravings. You will want to work with this session over and over.

    • Addition to Cravings Lecture

      Joan shares her battle with cravings.

    • Summary

      Overview of EFT for eating sessions.

  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion

      Congratulations! You have finished your 'Warm Up'. Time to get going and achieve your weight loss goals.

    • Action Plan

      Download and print out your Personal Action Plan.

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