Edit Like a Pro! - 5 - Houses of Parliament Evening

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Do you ever take shots of some great building or landmark, amazed at its grandeur and scale, then feel a bit disappointed when you see your photo on screen?  The building is not in proportion, verticals are not straight, it just doesn't feel the same as it did when you were standing in front of it.  Well this class will show you how to fix this! 

In this video, professional photographer & Adobe Certified Lightroom expert Joe Houghton takes you through a complete edit on an afternoon photo shot of the Houses of Parliament in London, England.  This is a typical shot that many tourists would get of this well known landmark, but with a bit of editing, it is transformed into a wow image!

Featuring the iconic Big Ben, in just a few minutes, Joe shows you how to :

  • Correct distortion to get the building vertical
  • Make complex selections to adjust the buildings and sky
  • Bring out colours and tones in the stonework and sky
  • Use radial filters to brighten up the clock-faces on the tower
  • Crop to a panoramic format to accentuate the scene and eliminate distracting elements
  • ... and lots more tips and tricks to help you make your own shots amazing. 

In just a few minutes editing, you can transform your shot with easy to use techniques that work!  No previous knowledge required - just follow along and apply the techniques to your own shots and turn them into masterpieces!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to improve their photos using professional (but easy!) editing and post-processing
  • Introduction
    • Opening titles
    • What we'll cover in this class!
  • Basic edits
    • Setting up the develop tab
    • Correcting perspective
    • Applying a panoramic crop
  • Complex selections in Lightroom
    • Selecting the sky
    • Adjusting the building
    • Cleaning the clock faces
  • Finishing off
    • The Basic tab
    • Seeing the before and after
    • Thanks for watching
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