Edit Like a Pro! 1 & 3 - Process Night Shots & Light Trails

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In this 24 part course, Joe takes you through 2 images shot in Dublin, Ireland at night.  

In "Navvy by the Liffey", he shows how to bring out the best in a night image taken of an historic statue on the Quays with the iconic Custom House in the background overlooking the dark waters of the river Liffey. Global and local adjustments, cloning out unwanted details, bringing out clarity and detail in shadow areas - you'll be editing like a pro in no time!

Then, in "O'Connell Street Bridge Light Trails", Joe shows you how to combine several traffic trail shots from the world famous O'Connell Street Bridge into a spectacular final composite image which will get admiration from everyone who sees such an image.

  • Edit Like a Pro! - 1 - Navvy on the river Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
    • Opening Titles
    • Introduction to our image
  • Let's start with some global adjustments
    • Introduction to our image
    • Crop out distracting elements
    • Tonal range, black and white points
    • Decisions about clarity
  • now we focus in and make localised adjustments to different parts of the image
    • Localised adjustments using the radial filter
    • Localised adjustments using the clone tool
    • Localised brightening using the adjustment brush
    • Localised adjustments - white balance
  • Finishing off...
    • Final edits - subject, background, corners
    • Thanks for watching!
  • Edit Like a Pro! - 3 - Light Trails on O'Connell Street Bridge, Dublin, Ireland
    • Opening titles
    • Introduction to our image
  • Using Lightroom and Photoshop
    • Selecting the images to export into Photoshop
    • Combining our images in Photoshop
    • Finding the new composite file back in Lightroom
  • Editing our composite image back in Lightroom
    • Editing our merged image
    • Edit - fixing verticals with the transform tab
    • Edit - changing the crop
    • Edit - Basic panel adjustments
    • Edit - tone curve and sharpening
  • Finishing off...
    • Final touches
    • Thanks for watching
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