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Description You always wanted to sell online, but don't know where to start? You have great products, but more sales would be nice? In this course we will show you everything you need to know about selling your products online! We show you how you can setup your shopify store and start successfully selling - right from your chair! This includes: Branding & Marketing Setup of Shipping, Payment and Taxes! How to add compelling Blogs and Pages Free Tools for great Product Pictures Product Placement, Picture and Description Guides Accounting and Bookkeeping for Ecommerce Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Marketing and more! Domains and Customer Emails that work! Don't wait any longer, start right now Our course is vastly different than most other courses out there - we do not promise overnight success, but we show you a way how to build a steady online shop business that works. Our course is not made for dropshipping, but for all small businesses out there looking for a way to start online sales successfully and easily. You can start your own shop today with this course - no installations, no developers, no servers necessary. With our course and Shopify you just need some time and you're up and running. First we give you a complete branding and marketing guide. You will learn everything you need to know that your customers are happy and love your store and your products. Then we show you exactly how to setup products, shipping, taxes, blogs and pages. You will learn how to connect and extend your store with apps. And we show you exactly which apps make sense and how to install and configure them. In our great lectures about products we show you our guidelines for successful product descriptions. You will make great product pictures and product banners with free tools on the web. We will guide you through the usage of those tools so that marketing your products becomes a breeze! But this is just the beginning! In our later sections we show you how you can save hundreds of dollars by preparing your accounting and bookkeeping the right way. Your accountant will be happy and you finally understand all this accounting language. Then we guide you in a complete section about Google Analytics through the tools that help you better understand your customers. You will learn how to setup and reach goals with ease! Don't wait any longer and don't look any further. With Shopify there is nothing to install and you can start selling your products right away! From the Shopify-Website:  "Shopify is web based ecommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems (including Windows and MacOS). We host Shopify so you don’t have to worry about installing, upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers." Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. If you ever thought about starting or increasing your sales online - start here and start now! Enroll now!
  • Start Here
    • Shopify Introduction

      In this lecture we are talking about the Shopify Platform in General and present the Key Features of Shopify One Inventory, Multiple Sales Channels In Person Selling online Via Buy button, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Free and Paid Themes Apps to extend the functionality A Variety of Payment Gateways Pages and Blog A great Community Dedicated Support Team CDN via Fastly DDoS Protection and Scalability

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 1

      Throughout the course we provide you with an e-book and necessary action steps. You can download this material and print it out.

    • The Intro

      This Quiz gives you a quick overview of Shopify and introduces the most important parts

  • Branding and Your Market
    • Let’s talk a bit about Branding, what it is and what it is not.
    • How to get people to your shop – Advertising, Marketing?
    • Let’s Talk about the Who, Why and What
    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 2

      This page is for your branding and design guideline. Print it out and fill in missing parts.

    • Branding and Marketing

      We talk about the Branding and the Marketing

  • Login, Signup and first Settings
    • What We Do Here

      In this section we will go through the initial signup and shop setup. We set a shop name, configure our contact email addresses and select a plan.

    • You are going to Signup the First Time

      In this section we sign up to Shopify

    • We look at The Dashboard and talk about Sales Channels

      In this section we go through the dashboard and the different available sales channels in Shopify. It is the foundation of how you work with Shopify.

    • The General Settings are important

      In this lecture we go through the general store settings.

    • Let’s do our first SEO settings in the Preferences

      We will give the shop a name and a description and we will explain why this is important.

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 3
  • Products, Pictures and Digital Downloads
    • What we do here

      In this section you will add your first products to the store. We will talk about product descriptions, variations.

    • Basic Product Setting

      We add a title, picture and description.

    • Advanced Product Settings

      Variants, Discounts, Inventory

    • Product Pictures

      In this section we show you how you can get the most out of your product pictures. From great tips for pictures to simple post-editing. We are talking about Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop of Android/iPhone. Additional Material after this lecture:

    • What to consider with the Title and the Copy?

      Here we are going through the 3yes rule. We will show you great ideas how to pump up your conversion of your store. Additionally we talk about Scarcity.

    • What about Digital Downloads?

      We will show you a great option to add digital assets like mp3 or video files to your store

    • How do I manage my Inventory?

      We see what Shopify can do for you in terms of inventory.

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 4

      In this page we show you all you need for your product pictures, product descriptions and digital downloads

  • Blogs, Pages and Content
    • What we are doing here and Why

      Lets talk for a second about the importance of pages and blogs. Pages are a great way to help customers find out about your store, who you are and create trust in you. Blog Articles are a perfect way to create content-marketing and help get traffic to your page. If you are the leader in your niche, you should also show it via your blog. Build a great community!

    • Let’s add our first Pages to our Store

      In this page we will add a simple contact-us and a FAQ page. We will also add the navigation elements so that customers can reach our pages easily.

    • Privacy Policy, TOS, Return Policy Page

      We add these pages to keep customers better informed and raise our credibility level.

    • Let’s add our first Blog Posts

      In this lecture we will add a blog post about our hats, how great they are produced.

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 5

      On this page of the e-book you can learn more about blogs, pages and content

  • Theme Settings, Logo and Awesome Banners
    • What we do in this section
    • How do we edit our Theme Sections?

      In this lecture we go through the theme settings. We show you exactly how you can add, remove and edit sections such as the header, the footer or the main page. Add Maps or a Gallery to your Homepage and impress with a different font or coloring.

    • Take a look at managing Themes, Languages and the Theme Store

      In this lecture we are talking about the theme store and what we can find there. We manage multiple themes and show you exactly how you can translate your theme

    • Let’s get a great Logo and Banners for FREE

      It all starts with the logo. You should actually spend a few hours and a few hundred dollars on a great designer. It is worth it. But for a starter we will create our own logo quickly directly in the browser. Alternatively we will show you a great platform that designs logos for cheap.

    • Lets have a look at the Shopify Theme Source Code
    • Lets put it all together – Your final theme

      In this video we are going to put our theme together

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 6

      On this page of the e-book you get all the information you need for the blogs, pages and beautiful banners and ads

  • Shipping, Taxes and Payments
    • What we do here?
    • Shipping

      Here we select the countries we ship to. Approaches to Shipping, manual, outsourced, drop shipping Pricing methods, weight/order amount

    • Payment Settings

      In this lecture we talk about payment settings. Can be country specific because not all payment processing options are available in all countries Therefore will talk about the general approach and concepts: Bogus Gateway Some Well known payment options (Shopify payments, Stripe, Paypal) Setting up a payment processing option Testing Things to watch out for/consider: You can (and probably should) offer more than one payment method (could help conversion) The setup process for each will likely vary slightly Watch out for the best rates (i.e. some are more expensive than others) Watch out for additional Shopify charges for using some payment options Make sure to thoroughly test before releasing

    • Taxes

      Here we apply our tax rules. Disclaimer: We are also no experts and taxes are a complicated topic. Please consult your accountant or advisor

    • Checkout Settings

      Here we have a closer look to the available checkout settings Checkout with Amazon

  • Apps for your Store
    • General Overview of App’s

      what are app’s why should I use them Basic process of integration

    • Things to watch out for

      some require modifying source code some are not well supported some are paid and some and free Read the details and check the reviews

    • App Ideas

      product reviews trust creation email marketing/collection label printing

  • Monitoring Store Financial Performance
    • Financial Performance vs Bookkeeping

      The differences and similarities between monitoring financial performance and bookkeeping Information that Shopify supplies is mostly non-financial so we need to look outside of shopify for both Financial Performance and Bookkeeping solutions.

    • Monitoring Basic Financial Performance - How to

      Exporting data from Shopify How to use data to track profitability of stock items How to use data to calculate overall store profitability Problem with doing this regularly is that it takes time

    • Bookkeeping - The options

      Starting off - spreadsheets are fine Getting bigger - cloud bookkeeping packages, QBO, Xero, Wave, differences and similarities Example of how to setup Xero Integration

    • Recap - Knowing when to Seek Advice

      Once you start growing seek professional advice Integration setup - ask for advice to get things right first time Sales Tax - watch the limits Tax in general - be careful

  • Orders and Customers
    • What we do here

      A general overview of the orders sections of shopify admin

    • Placing an Order & Abandoned Checkouts

      In this lecture we show you how we can place a manual order. We also take a brief look at abandoned checkouts

    • Order Cancellation

      In this lecture we discuss returns, order cancellations and briefly refunds.

  • Analytics for the Store
    • What we do here

      Short introduction of what we are going to do here in this section. We setup analytics and webmaster tools and combine those. Then we go through the reports

    • Signup Analytics and Connect Shopify

      In this section we signup Google Analytics and connect it to shopify

    • Understand the Basic Reports

      Here we go through the basic and real-time reports and see what kind of information we get out of them.

    • Signup, verify and connect Google Webmaster Tools

      In this lecture we are going to signup to Google Webmaster tools, verify our shopify store and connect it to our Google Analytics Accounts

    • Setup and understand Goals and Funnels

      Lets track exactly how many customers are adding items to the cart, entering shipping informations and actually buying something. We can use this for several different things, such as special blog-entries which advertise a product or other sites and see where customers stop in the sales funnel.

    • Setup Shopify Search Tracking

      Here we are going to get in-depth information directly in Google Analytics about Customers searching on our shopify store.

    • Make sure you see only valid data in Google Analytics

      Here we make sure that when bots and spiders go to your site that they are not recorded as customers. Also we show you a great way of removing any spam from your Google Analytics data!

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 11

      In this last lecture we summarize the Analytics Section and give you more information to print out.

  • Your Shop goes Live!
    • Now it’s time to get your Domain

      Internal Shopify Domains vs. External Domains. is a good option.

    • Let’s talk about customer Emails

      We can have several different email addresses for our store. We set it up in a way that it makes sense for our customer and creates even more trust in us.

    • Add a Facebook Page

      If you add a facebook page you can reach your customers even faster with promotions, new blog articles or new products. You should do this early on!

    • Let’s talk about Promoting and Advertising on Facebook

      Ads via the Ads Manager from Facebook. A quick guide through.

    • Get Mailchimp ready to collect Emails

      We add a Mailchimp integration and send out newsletters

    • Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 12

      This page summarizes everything you need to know to get your store live!

  • Thank you
    • Final Notes, Thank You and Store Checklist

      Thank you for taking part in this course. In this final lecture we go through an extensive store checklist to make sure everything is up and running correctly. 

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