Eclipse IDE for Beginners: Increase Your Java Productivity

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This course assumes you have some knowledge of Java. ---- Join 33,000+ Highly engaged students! Responsive instructor available to answer your questions. ---- Excellent 5-Star Reviews! Great for Beginners. I highly think the course was well laid out, short videos, easy to understand. I loved the course greatly. - Mike Ford Good introduction to Eclipse. The instructor has done a pretty good job in putting together this material..very handy..Thank you. - Rajesh R This was an excellent overview on how to use Eclipse. ... The course was perfect because it was just right the right amount of details and topics covered. Recommended for all beginners and those who just need a refresher. - Maureen Glaeser ---- This course provides an excellent introduction to the Eclipse IDE Development tool. This course is aimed at developers who want to quickly get up to speed with developing applications with Eclipse. The course covers how to install Eclipse and customize Eclipse for your environment. You also learn how to create Java applications in the Eclipse which includes using the debugger. The course shows you how to make use of a number of Eclipse productivity techniques such as navigating the source code, generating source code and creating unit tests. The course wraps by showing you how to import and export projects. By the end of the course, you will have covered the major features of Eclipse and you can immediately apply them on your Java project. Who Is This Course Suitable For? Java developers: beginner, intermediate or advanced Note: This course assumes you have some knowledge of Java. You Will Learn How To Install the Eclipse IDE on their own computer Create a Java application with Eclipse Customize the Eclipse user interface Generate Java Source Code using Eclipse Wizards Refactor and Debug Java Source Code Run JUnit Tests Import and Export Projects Add External JAR files to your Eclipse Project Who is the target audience? The course is aimed at Eclipse beginners. The main focus of this course is exploring all of the great features of the Eclipse tool. We expect for you to already have Java programming experience. If you do not have Java experience then you should take a Java programming course first.
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  • Closed Captions and Subtitles Available for English
  • Installing the Eclipse IDE

    In this video tutorial, I will show you how to install the Eclipse IDE. I'll discuss the following topics: - System Requirements - Download Eclipse IDE - Install Eclipse IDE - Verify Eclipse IDE Installation

  • Create a Java Application with Eclipse
  • Exploring the Eclipse User Interface
  • Searching and Navigating Source Code (part 1)
  • Searching and Navigating Source Code (part 2)
  • Generating Java Source Code
  • Refactoring Code - Extract Constants and Variables
  • Refactoring Code - Extract Methods, Rename Methods and Variables
  • Debugging Java Source Code
  • Adding JAR Files
  • Running JUnit Tests
  • Importing Projects
  • Exporting Projects
  • Setting Eclipse Preferences
  • Summary
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