Easy Mobile Apps With Ionic Creator

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Ionic Creator lets you build mobile apps with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Whether you're building a simple app or prototyping a more complex project, Ionic Creator makes it simple to get started.

In this course, you'll learn how to use Ionic Creator to build cross-platform mobile apps for the popular Ionic framework. First, you'll get a look at all the UI components you can use with Ionic Creator. After that, you'll see how to theme your app with Sass. Finally, you'll get a look at building a complete app user interface that can later be downloaded and customized.

  • Introduction
    • Easy Mobile Apps With Ionic Creator
  • Using Ionic Creator
    • The Interface

      In this lesson, we’ll create our first Ionic Creator app and start to get to know the user interface.

    • Page Layout

      Ionic Creator has numerous drag-and-drop components that you can use to build your app. In this lesson I’ll show you the components for laying out your app pages.

    • Displaying HTML and Images

      In this lesson I'll show you how to make your app more interesting by displaying images and HTML.

    • Form Controls

      Most apps will require some sort of data input, so our tour of Ionic Creator wouldn't be complete without a look at the form controls.

    • Ionic List Components

      List components make it easy to lay out repeated data or components. I'll show you how in this lesson.

    • Theming and Sass

      In this lesson, we'll learn how to theme our app—both with the Ionic Creator visual editor and with the Sass styling language.

  • Creating a Ten-Minute App
    • Creating a Ten-Minute App

      To demonstrate the power of Ionic Creator, I’ll put together a functional app in less than ten minutes. In this lesson, we’ll create a complete app UI that can later be downloaded and completed with code.

  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion

      Thanks for following along! I hope that Ionic Creator can save you time on your next app project.

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