Dramatic Image Relighting in Photoshop

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Welcome to this course, where we'll completely relight an image in Photoshop using a process that involves adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, and filters. We'll begin by discussing the original image and prepare it for the process of relighting by working in greyscale so that we can focus on how values are represented. From here, we'll apply curves and levels as adjustment layers combined with masking to direct how shadows and highlights are cast based upon our intended light source. Finally, we'll focus on refining highlights, adjusting colors, and applying a lighting effects filter to wrap up our project. After watching these lessons, you'll have the inspiration to relight your own images in Photoshop. Software required: Photoshop 2014.2.2.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Dramatic Image Relighting in Photoshop
    • Preparing the Image
    • Establishing the Shadows Using Curves
    • Masking with the Curves Adjustment Layer
    • Adjusting Bright Areas with Levels
    • Painting Highlights
    • Painting Additional Highlights
    • Adding Glow to the Lights
    • Adjusting Colors with Blend Modes
    • Using the Lighting Effects Filter
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