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About this Course

Docker—A mainstream programming containerization platform—can streamline the development procedure by accelerating the setup and design of environments.

In case you're a .NET developer who needs to utilize containers in your application environment, this course can help by exhibiting how to use Docker in your workflow.

In this course we will starts by discussing the job of Docker in the container world, and after that goes over fundamental ideas, including how to run a container from a Docker image.

Furthermore, how to use docker commands easily. This starts from fundamental Docker process, like how to include a Dockerfile to a Visual Studio project, and how to compose a Docker image from a Dockerfile. He wraps up the course by talking about how to work with the Docker Compose file format and then publishing the same on dockerhub cloud.

Basic knowledge

  • Dotnet developers
  • Software architects wanting to learn docker applied to dotnet projects
  • Developers, looking to learn containerization techniques
  • Developers, looking to learn how to build cross platform apps
  • Developers, looking to learn; how to dockerize any .NET Project

What you will learn

  • Containers Concept
  • Significance of Docker
  • Docker Vs Virtual Machines
  • Where Docker fits in
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Commands
  • Docker Containers
  • Docker File
  • Docker Compose
  • Multi Container Scenarios
  • Dockerhub

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