Digital Photography: Capturing the Moment

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If you're interested in photography and taking beautiful or creative photographs it's essential to know your equipment, and how it works. Learn how to take better photographs by taking control of your camera in this less than 1-hour online course. In this course we'll cover: Exposure (shutter, aperture, and ISO) Metering Camera settings to optimize your photographs Included with the course is are downloadable PDF training and planning guides, homework assignments, a quiz, and project planning guide to help you successfully tell a story or show a moment. Who is the target audience? Basic knowledge of digital cameras above point-and-shoot Student, hobbyist, or aspiring professional photographers Artists who want to expand to new mediums
  • Introduction to Capturing the Moment
    • Introduction to Capturing the Moment

      In this lecture we review what the course covers and how you'll benefit and what you'll learn about capturing the moment in digital photography.

    • Image Review

      We begin stretching our "seeing" muscles with an exercise in this lecture, learning how to see emotion and feeling in photographs differently through analysis.

  • 5-Steps to Capturing the Moment with Your Camera
    • Getting to Know Your Camera

      Knowing your camera is essential to capturing amazing moments. A few basic functions and tips to keeping your gear in tip top shape are covered.

    • Exposure

      In this lesson the essential elements for creating the good exposure necessary to capturing and image with impact are covered in detail. Multiple downloadable PDFs are included.

    • Metering

      Learn how to balance your exposure ISO, shutter, and aperture through the camera's meter in this lesson.

    • Practice, Anticipate, Prepare

      Learn to incorporate the steps of shooting well with assignments designed to help you practice seeing in a new way, learning to anticipate moments before they happen, and preparing your equipment so you're ready before the moment passes you by.

  • Story Planning
    • Planning Your Story

      Learn how to plan, prepare, and execute a good moment or story in this lesson.

  • Conclusion: Sharing Your Vision
    • Conclusion: Sharing Your Vision

      Yea! Last lesson - you've done so well. Here you learn how to share your story and evaluate your ability to capture a moment or story. PS. I'd love to see your "moments," so please share them with us, too!

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