DevOps: The Big Picture

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What is DevOps, really? In this course, we look the problems faced by today's IT departments and how a DevOps transformation can help focus on value and streamlined delivery. We'll explore the key cultural changes necessary, where organizational change is required, and how to confront the inevitable objections. Automation and technology play huge roles in DevOps success; in this course we'll analyze the major capability areas and which technologies can get your team on its way.
  • Problems That DevOps Solves
    • Introduction and Goals
    • Organization Characteristics
    • Organizational Pain
    • Identifying Waste
    • Introducing DevOps
    • Summary
  • Making a DevOps Transition
    • Introduction
    • Change Culture
    • Change Culture: Start With Why
    • Change Culture: Empowerment
    • Change Culture: Accountability
    • Change Culture: Teamwork
    • Change Culture: Learning
    • Change Culture: Trust
    • Change Culture: Reinforcing Values
    • Change Organization
    • Change Organization: Gain Understanding
    • Change Organization: Recognizing Bottlenecks
    • Change Organization: Alter Team Structure
    • Change Organization: Streamline Procedures
    • Addressing DevOps Objections
    • Summary
  • Introducing DevOps Automation
    • Introduction
    • The Tools
    • DevOps Technology Categories
    • DevOps Technologies: Collaboration
    • DevOps Technologies: Planning
    • DevOps Technologies: Issue Tracking
    • DevOps Technologies: Monitoring
    • DevOps Technologies: Configuration Management
    • DevOps Technologies: Source Control
    • DevOps Technologies: Dev Environments
    • DevOps Technologies: Continuous Integration
    • DevOps Technologies: Deployment
    • Summary
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