Designing a Jiggle System for Animation in Maya

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In this Maya tutorial, we'll learn how to build a jiggle system for animation. This tool is designed to help animators save time when animating complex follow-through and overlapping actions. We'll start the tutorial by learning how to create the system from scratch. We'll then use MEL to create a tool that will add jiggle systems to all objects in our selection. We'll also learn how to automate the baking process and removal of the jiggle systems tied to selected target objects. By the end of this Maya training, you'll be equipped with the understanding you need to create a jiggle system of your own. Software required: Autodesk Maya 2015.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Designing a Jiggle System for Animation in Maya
    • Building the Jiggle Tool
    • Finishing the Jiggle Tool
    • Removing the System
    • Creating a UI for Our Jiggle Tool
    • Adding Buttons and Instructions to the Window
    • Automating the Jiggle System
    • Creating the Jiggle System's Dynamic Groups
    • Generating Jiggle Controls
    • Adding Custom Channels to Our Jiggle Control and Setting up Soft Body Dynamics
    • Renaming More Soft Body Nodes and Centering Our Constrained Null to the Soft Body Object
    • Organizing Our Soft Body Objects
    • Completing the Organization of Our Soft Body Nodes
    • Finishing the Creation Process of the Jiggle System
    • Automating the Baking Process
    • Automating the Removal of Our Jiggle System
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