Deep Web 101: An Introduction into the Deep Web

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Ever heard of the Deep Web? The Dark Web? If you have then this course is for you! Throughout this course we will dive into the concepts behind the Deep Web and teach you how to navigate and use it. First you will learn about the tools used to access the Deep Web and then we will dive right in to get hand on with the topics we discuss. We will cover things like: Tor Bitcoin PGP Tails Tor Networks Deep Web Markets Bitcoin Wallets This is the perfect course to get you comfortable with the Deep Web and teach you the truth behind what exactly the Deep Web is.
  • Course Introduction
    • Introduction to the Course
  • Learning the In's and Out's of the Deep Web
    • Difference Between the Deep, Dark, and Surface web.

      In this video we will discover what the difference is between the Deep and Dark Web.

    • Brief History of the Deep Web

      Let's go through a history behind some of the popular Deep Web tools.

    • Common Deep Web Myths

      We will explore some of the common myths behind the Deep Web.

    • Learn About Tor

      In this video you will get and introduction to Tor and the network Tor uses to access the internet securely.

    • Learn About PGP

      Introduction to PGP and the important role it plays in the Deep Web.

    • Learn About Bitcoin

      Brief overview of Bitcoin and how the ledger system works.

    • Learn About Tails

      A very brief overview of Tails and why it is as secure as it is said to be.

    • The Formula for Anonymity
  • Getting Hands on with the Deep Web
    • Setup of Tor

      Learn how to setup the Tor browser on a windows machine.

    • Tor's Security Features

      Explore the main security features behind Tor.

    • The Nuances of the Deep Web

      Learn about the differences on the Dark web compared to the regular internet.

    • Exploring the Deep Web

      Using the Tor browser to explore the Deep Web

    • Dark Net Markets

      Learn to use and register for Dark Net Markets!

    • All That Remains
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