'Daydreamer' Production Pipeline Volume 1: Modeling and UVs

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This course is designed to give you a look into how we used MODO and Maya to create models for a combination live action/animated short we did for SIGGRAPH. The objectives for this fast-pace course include giving you some insight on how the planning for this project took place, how the assets were broken down, and how some specific modeling challenges were met. We won't go step by step through asset creation, but rather talk about the overall concepts involved, the order of the steps and the tools used. We'll also talk about important tips to keep in mind as you create your own shots. Before we start, I recommend you have experience using MODO and Maya as we'll be talking about multiple modeling concepts. If you're an artist new to MODO or Maya, we have a number of courses and learning paths you can use to get started quickly. Software required: MODO 901, Maya 2016.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Daydreamer Production Pipeline Volume 1: Modeling and UVs
    • Creating a Plan
    • Modeling the Rocket
    • UV Layout and Mesh Output
    • Modeling the Robot
    • Robot UVs and Mesh Output
    • Modeling the Alien
    • Creation Variations
    • Starting the Environment
    • Creating Rocks as Sprites
    • Creating Hero Rocks
    • Dressing the Set
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