Creating a Tab Interaction in Articulate Storyline

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In this mini course learn how to create a simple tab interaction within Articulate Storyline. Sensei Jeff will talk to you about getting visual inspiration for your tab interaction as well as how to set up your Articulate Storyline file to be shared with other people on your team. You will also learn how to set up custom buttons and even custom states within your buttons to add additional functionality to your interaction. You will also learn the proper way of setting up any interaction with Articulate Storyline so it can be easily managed for future updates and template sharing. Sensei Jeff will also talk about using triggers and variables to build the interactivity of the tab interaction inside of Articulate Storyline and then how to properly share your creation with other people within your team.
  • Introduction
    • Welcome to this mini course
    • Learning Dojo
  • Setting Up Your Storyline Project
    • Getting your Storyline file ready
    • Setting default font
  • Doing Some Visual Prep
    • Updating the master slide color
    • Visual inspiration
    • Finding Icons to use
  • Visual Development in Storyline 4 Lectures
    • Building the top bar
    • Building the buttons - Up, Over and Down states
    • Importing icons into buttons
    • Creating a text background
  • Working with Layers
    • Creating a layer for each tab
    • Hiding objects you don't want seen from the main layer in other layers
  • Working with Triggers and Variables for Navigation
    • Create a variable called currentTab
    • Add triggers to each button to change currentTab to correct tab #
    • Adding triggers to show layer when variable changes
    • Changing the state of an active button to show current layer
  • Creating Different Variations and Saving as a Template
    • Creating multiple layouts
    • Saving your Storyline file as a template
    • Making and sharing updates
  • Conclusion
    • Goodbye!
    • Download finished template
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