Creating a First Website in Dreamweaver CC 2017

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You understand that behind those interactive webpages you encounter is code that is being read and rendered by your browser, and you're ready to understand that code further so you can build a website. Paul Trani helps you achieve that goal in this course where he explains the fundamentals of web design and shows how to put them into practice. Paul starts by explaining how the web works, and then he dives into the specifics of HTML and CSS. This prepares you for the next thing he demonstrates—how to use Adobe Dreamweaver CC to create webpages. He shows how to lay out your pages and stylize content, followed by how to add navigation. Then, he shows how to make sure your page is responsive so that it can fluidly work across many form factors, like mobile devices. Follow along with Paul to create your first website, complete with headers, footers, multimedia, links to your social profiles, and more.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Internet and websites
  • Adding HTML content to a webpage
  • Styling content with CSS
  • Creating navigation
  • Adding more pages to a website
  • Creating a flexible layout
  • Linking to other pages and websites
  • Creating a contact form
  • Creating a responsive site for mobile devices
  • Uploading and testing the website
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