Create Amazing Landscape Images in Photoshop

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In this Course I am going to show You the easiest techniques to improve Your Images in Photoshop. I have been teaching Photoshop for over 5 years, and during this time I have been exploring anything I could in this amazing software. Now I am bringing the selected techniques to You, which is just an essence which can lead You to amazing results. I am not showing theoretical knowledge here that You don't want to know. I prepared this course for people who are looking quick tips and want to see results. I am the person who love to take images by myself using my digital camera wherever I go. The same as You, I need simple techniques that turn those images into something I can share and impress other people. No matter if You struggle with underexposed images or overexposed images, whether Your images looks flat or are lacking of colors. I will show You, how to fix all of the issues, and bring new live to Your images. Enjoy, Marcin Who is the target audience? Everyone who like to take pictures people who want to start with photoshop

  • Introduction to the Course
    • Introduction to the Course
    • Exercise Files
      • In this lesson You can download Raw Images to Practice Your Editing.
  • Camera Raw Processing - Main Painels
    • Camera Raw - Basic Panel Editing
    • Camera Raw - Boosting Colors in HSL Panel
    • Camera Raw - Tone Curve and Final Touches
  • Practice with Different Images in Camera Raw
    • Camera Raw - Practice Lesson
    • Camera Raw - Improve Underexposed Images
    • Camera Raw - Amazing Sunsets
    • Camera Raw - Improve Views
  • Moving into Photoshop
    • Photoshop - Balancing with Tones and Colors
    • Boosting Colors and Lights
    • Dynamic Range
    • Make the Colors Pop Out
    • Working with the Lights
    • Final Touches
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