Copywriting: The Questions Your Prospects Have And Won't Ask

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Did You Know That Your Prospects Have Questions In The Back Of Their Minds That Will Never Ask You? Did You Know That If You Don’t Address These Secret Questions, Your Prospects Will Not Buy From You Even If They Like Your Product? These “hidden” questions are nothing more than objections your prospects have. Your job as a person who sells products, be they digital or physical, is to kill all these objections! But how do you kill them, when you don’t know which they are? Hi, my name is Vladimir Raykov. I’m a best-selling online instructor, teaching over 28000 students from 155 countries and 20 online courses. In this class, not only will I reveal the secret questions or objections your prospects have but also I will teach you how to eliminate these objections by using proven marketing strategies, tactics and tips. There isn’t a successful copywriter or marketer who doesn’t address these questions when they write copy! Honestly, in this very moment you might be missing a lot of sales just because you ignored that small but in the same time crucially important part of your offer and marketing copy in general. Do not wait a second longer, hit the “Start Learning Now” button and get started today! Who is the target audience? People from any occupation that requires writing marketing copy for the purpose of getting response and action. This course is not for people who despise learning
  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Would You Introduce Yourself?
  • Address These Questions Or Your Sales Will Suffer
    • Question #1 - The Most Important Of All
    • Question #2 - Can A $500 Offer Look Like A Real Bargain?
    • Question #3 - That One Is Tricky
    • Question #4 - People Hate To Take Risks
  • Analysis - From Theory To Practice
    • Frank Kern's Famous Letter
  • Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills: Resources And Materials
    • Valuable Resources On Copywriting
    • Now What? Don't Watch If You Don't Need Copywriting
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