Conway's Game of Life Simulation in Java

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This course is about Conway's game of life. This is a cellular automaton constructed by John Conway in 1970. This simulation starts with an empty chess board like table and has very simple rules. These simple rules can give birth to a given cell on the board as well as they can wipe out life of a given cell. It is quite counter intuitive that with so simple rules, so elaborate structures can emerge. And basically, this is the conclusion of life-game. We are going to talk about the theoretical background of the topic and of course we are going to implement it from scratch in Java. Hope you will like it!

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Conway's Life Game Introduction
    • Cellular automata
    • Conway's model
    • Complexity system - reality as a simulation
  • Conway's Life Game
    • Structure of the application
    • Application
    • Constants
    • Cell
    • TimePanel
    • Toolbar
    • ButtonListener
    • Board I
    • Board II
    • MainFrame
    • Running the application
  • Course Material
    • Slides
    • Source code
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