Conversational English for Mandarin Speakers

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ESLTaiwan- we teach you not only how to speak American English, but also, what to say in conversations. ESLTaiwan- 我們不僅教您如何說美語,也教您如何展開對話。 It is not enough to simply know a few English words- if you want to have REAL conversations, conversations where there are no awkward silences, no pauses, no miscommunications.. this course is for you. Unlike other courses, we don’t only teach you basic sentences. We integrate the American culture and teach you what to say and in what scenarios. After you finish the course - you will be having full conversations in English! 說英語時,僅僅知道一些英語單詞是遠遠不夠的,我們設計這套課程就是為了教會您如何展開一段真正的對話,沒有尷尬的沉默、停頓和誤解。與其他課程不同的是,我們不僅教您基礎的句型,也會將美國文化融入到課程之中,您將學到在特定場景下最地道的美語說法。當您完成所有課程之後,您可以用英語順利地完成整段對話。 Key Highlights 課程亮點 -Classroom simulation- Videos + PDF Textbook + Pronunciation Guides - 真實模擬課堂:視頻教程+PDF教材+美語配套錄音 -Designed in America (taught using American pronunciation, American Phrases, and course materials) - 全真美國出版:课程内容、PDF教材以及配套录音全部出自正宗美语 -Vocabulary Guides (Mandarin to English Translations) - 词汇講解準確:全部配有普通话-英文翻译 -Conversation Starters (What to say and when to say it) - 基礎对话初級:詳細講解對話時说什么、怎麼說 -Conversation Topics (What to say when you don’t know what to talk about) - 主題對話生動:解決談話時无话可说的難題 -Lifetime Access (Take the course when you want, where you want) - 學習方便省時:保證您随时随地可以上课 Teaching Method 教学方法 Our video lessons help simulate live training as if you were in a classroom with a one on one instructor tutor you. Our PDF textbooks allow you to study on your own time and take these guides on the go. Our pronunciation guides are taught using an American born speaker with no foreign tainted accent. 我們的視頻課程可以令您擁有真實的一對一課堂聽課體驗,您可以根據PDF教材隨時隨地自己安排學習時間,而且電子教程非常方便攜帶。地道美語配套錄音發音標準,沒有任何外國口音。 Step 1: Vocabulary Guides Step 2: Sentence Structures Step 3: Vocabulary + Sentence Structures = Conversations Step 4: Scenarios- what to say and when to say it Step 5: Conversation Starters Step 6: Conversation Topics 第一步:詞彙介紹 第二步:句型精解 第三步:詞彙+句型=對話聯繫 第四步:場景模擬——說什麼、怎麼說 第五步:基礎對話 第六步:場景對話 Key Topics 課程主題介紹 -Personal Profile (Sell yourself in professional scenarios) - 自我介紹(在工作中推銷自己) -Small Talk (What to say in conversations) - 簡短對話(解決不知如何開口的難題) -Travel & Leisure - 旅遊休閒 -Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies - 興趣愛好 -Transportation - 交通工具 -Times & Weather - 時間、天氣 -Ordering Food - 餐廳點菜 -Age & Location - 年齡、地點 -Asking for Directions - 問路、指路 -Introductions/Greetings - 介紹、問候 Who is the target audience? Mandarin speakers Students who want to be able to speak English
  • Introduction to the Course
    • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Greetings & Introductions
    • Lecture 2: Greetings
    • Lesson 2-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 3: Age and Location
    • Lecture 3: Age and Location
    • 3-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 4: Likes, Dislikes, and Hobbies
    • Likes, Dislikes, and Hobbies
    • Lesson 4-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 5: Directions and Traveling
    • Directions & Traveling
    • Lesson 5-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 6: Ordering Food
    • Ordering Food
    • Lesson 6-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 7: Transport, Times, and Weather
    • Transport, Times, Weather
    • Lesson 7-2 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 8: Personal Profile
    • Personal Profile
    • Lesson 8-2 Personal Profile
    • Lesson 8-3 Personal Profile
    • Lesson 8-1 Pronunciation Guide
    • Lesson 8-2 Pronunciation Guide
    • Lesson 8-3 Pronunciation Guide
  • Section 9: Selling Yourself
    • Lesson 9-1 Selling Yourself
    • Lesson 9-2 Selling Yourself 03:58
    • Lesson 9-1 Pronunciation Guide
    • Lesson 9-2 Pronunciation Guide
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