Constructing Glyphs for Logos by Hand in Illustrator

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The perfect course for designers and artists who already have some basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, and are called upon to recreate a vector retro logo from nothing but a scan because the font that made up the original logo is either non-existent or unfindable in the timeframe that is given. In this course, we cover how Adobe Illustrator can help you recreate vector logo art and, by the end, you'll be able to use these techniques on any similar logo project you have in mind for use in 3D mapping, 3D extrusion, websites, apps, or print. Software required: Creative Cloud 2015, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Constructing Glyphs for Logos by Hand in Illustrator
    • Taking a Look at the Client's Parameters
    • Scanning the Client's Old Business Card
    • Tweaking and Straightening the Logo in Adobe Photoshop
    • Creating an Illustrator File and Placing the Scan into It
    • Setting up the Initial Guidelines for Our Font
    • Establishing the First Vertical Stroke and Setting up the E and Lowercase L
    • Duplicating the E and Creating the T
    • Setting up the Letter A
    • Creating the Letter R
    • Constructing the Letter M
    • Building the B
    • Placing the C and O in Company
    • Building the C's and the Letter E
    • Dotting the Lowercase I
    • Sculpting the Lowercase T and the Lowercase R
    • Auto-tracing the Logo Scan and Why It's Unusable
    • Feedback from the Client
    • Combining Shapes Using the Pathfinder Tool
    • Converting the Lowercase L into an Uppercase L in the EL Combo
    • Putting the Uppercase L in the LLC
    • Copying the C and Creating the T
    • Duplicating the R and C and Retrieving the Letter I
    • Changing Electric to Electrical
    • Moving the C and Recreating the O
    • Laying out the Word Contractors
    • Building the Letter N
    • Bending the Letter S
    • Making the Third Logo Rendition Presentable
    • Setting up the Word Power
    • Creating the Letter P and W
    • Conclusion
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