Constructing and Comparing the Natural Integers

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How to count up to infinity and compare natural integers between them.

That course is an introduction to the first tool for mathematics: the simpler numbers that are the natural integers.

These are the numbers we use to count, and they are introduced in a progressive way, beginning with counting on our fingers, then counting with the computer, in Python coding sessions, and ending with the biggest numbers we can imagine.

By the end of that course, you will be able to compare two natural integers, to order a list of them, and even to define and draw a sequence of natural integers.

You will also be ready for the rest of our series about Practical Mathematics, the math that are taught from a practical point of view, based on Python coding sessions, and bringing you from arithmetics and number theory up to Calculus.

To enter that course, you will need only the knowledge of a child of sixth degree.

There are two main sections, one with the construction of the natural integers set, beginning with the plain counting operation, and the second one that structures the natural integers set as an increasing sequence from 0 to… infinity!

And, last but not least, you will become the owner of a downloadable recapitulative documents, with the knowledge given by the videos fixed as rigorously proven theorems.

  • First Section
    • Lecture 1: Introduction
  • Section 2 - Count and Construct the Natural Integers set
    • Lecture 2 - About Counting
    • Lecture 3 - The Natural Integers Set
  • Section 3 - Order the Natural Integers Set
    • Lecture 4 - Compare Natural Integers
    • Lecture 5 - The Totally Ordered Set (N,≤)
  • Section 4: Conclusion
    • Lecture 6 - Recapitulative Document
    • Lecture 7: Conclusion
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atieh mokhtari
atieh mokhtari

very complete and perfect course. I really apreciate the instructor

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