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Do you hear the words Machine Learning or Data Scientist? Are you curious about what these techniques are for or why do companies around the world pay a salary of 120,000 to 200,000 a year to a data scientist? 

This course is designed and designed by a professional in the world of Data Science as Juan Gabriel Gomila, so that he will share all their knowledge and help you understand the complex theory about the mathematics behind it, the algorithms and programming libraries with R Studio to become all experts even though you have no previous experience. 

We will see step by step how to start working with concepts and algorithms from the world of Machine Learning. With each new class and section you complete you will have new skills that will help you understand this world as complete and lucrative as this branch of Data Science.

Also tell you that this course is very fun, in the line of Juan Gabriel Gomila and that you will learn and have fun while learning about Machine Learning techniques with R Studio. 

The analysis of data and machine learning with R has emerged as a very important approach for companies of all kinds, from the world of finance to videogames through online stores or even sports. R allows even those who have intuitive understanding of the underlying concepts, without a deep mathematical background, to give free rein to powerful and detailed analyzes of their data.

This course will show you how you can put your data analysis skills in R for practical use, with recipes that serve basic and advanced data analysis tasks. 

From the acquisition of the data and its previous preparation for the analysis to the most complex techniques of data analysis, we will try to carry out the implementations of each technique in the best possible way. 

We will also visualize the data using the most popular R packages as ggplot2 and we will find information hidden in them. 

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